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ROI owns and operates two supervised worksites for its Day Program; one in Lanham, MD and the other in Germantown, MD. At the supervised worksites, ROI participants receive vocational training, counseling, assistance with personal goal development and case management services. ROI participants earn a weekly paycheck for the work they complete and also have the opportunity to participate in onsite incentive programs. The hours of operation are: Monday-Thursday 8AM-4PM and Friday 8AM-3:30PM.
The Small Group Project is available at the Germantown site and is designed for participants who can benefit from small, closely supervised work settings. As they learn appropriate workplace expectations, teamwork, proper behavior and new vocational skills, they move into the larger ROI production groups.
A safe, reliable Transportation Program is provided by ROI. A fleet of twenty-six vans and buses run door-to-door pickup and drop-off routes for ROI participants. Drivers receive defensive driving instruction, are certified in basic First Aid and CPR and are equipped with cellular phones in the event of bad weather, traffic delays, or emergencies.
ROI manages a Supported Employment Program (SEP). Through SEP more than fifty persons are employed in the community-at-large. ROI SEP Employment Specialists are dedicated to assisting persons with disabilities find and maintain employment in the community workforce.

ROI works for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

To help them achieve as much independence and self-confidence as possible, ROI services include counseling, job training, supported employment, transportation to and from supervised worksites, and a paycheck every week.

ROI operates two well equipped, safe and comfortable Supervised Worksites. One is in Lanham, Prince George’s County, Maryland – the other in Germantown, Montgomery County, Maryland. At the worksites, more than two hundred fifteen adults receive counseling, participate in personal development programs, and engage in vocational training and employment opportunities.

ROI Counselors are available should a problem arise at work. ROI counselors receive specialized training that includes conflict mediation, behavior modification and human rights advocacy.

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