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We help you expand the capabilities of your workforce with our business services because we routinely assemble and collate all the pieces that any well-organized special event or conference planner desires.

Assembly services include:

  • Portfolio stuffing
  • Membership kit assembly
  • Convention packet assembly
  • Meeting materials preparation
  • Notebook collating
  • Name badge assembly
  • Poster rolling
  • Tote bag stuffing
  • Hand tying—ribbons, tassels, string
We used fugitive glue dotes to affix 10,000 computer screen cleaners to a brochure and then mailed them. Do you want bars of soap taped together for a special promotion? We taped and bundled 5,000 dinosaur-shaped bars of soap to help a marketing director clean-up by capturing the attention of her prospects.

Attachment services include:

  • Double-stick tape
  • Glue
  • Wafer seals
  • Velcro
  • Fugitive glue
  • Attaching your specialty magnet
Have a couple thousand posters that need to be rolled and inserted into tubes for a mailing, or a handout? We have rolled posters and shrink-wrapped packages of varying sizes and quantities whether it’s 200 or 300,000. We have stuffed boxes with shredded paper to add special panache to that plastic toy give-away.

Packaging services include:

  • Shrink-wrapping
  • Poly-bagging
  • Folding
  • Inserting
  • Poster-rolling
Your worst nightmare? How about being the production coordinator for more than 400,000 phone directories that were printed with an incorrect phone number on the cover? It happens.

We fixed that misprint by attaching 1 1/2 x 5 labels with the correct number. Over the years, we have salvaged multiple mishaps that saved the client from having to trash the original project.

Error repair services include:

  • Tip in pages to correct books and pamphlets
  • Affix correction labels
  • Remove staples from saddle-stitched books to insert missing or new pages
Dont want to lick 5,000 stamps and envelopes? Cant face peeling thousands of labels? We can do it for you. Unfortunately, we cant guarantee delivery of your direct mail piece (thats in the hands of the U.S. Postal Service). However, we can make certain its labeled correctly. Like life, showing up is half the battle, so we do whats necessary to make certain your project shows up at the Post Office properly labeled and bundled before its touched by the mailmans hands.

Mailing services include:

  • Pressure-sensitive labels
  • Self-mailers
  • Folding newsletters or magazines for mailing
  • Wafer seals
  • Over or undersized envelopes
  • Hand insertions
    Need to bind an employee manual that is as thick as 250 pages? Weve done it and saved a corporations secretarial pool from a task that would have taken them thousands of hours. Whether its a booklet numbering less than 20 pages or a book with 500 pages, we can bind it.

    Binding services include:

    • GBC binding
    • Saddle-stitching
    • Brass fasteners
    • ACCO fasteners
    • Screwposts
    • Stapling
    • Three-hole drilling
    • Padding
    ROI will deliver on your toughest jobs at a competitive price. We perform a variety of specialty tasks for our customers such as:

    • Assembling gift baskets
    • Shrink wrapping gift baskets
    • Tying delicate ribbons into bows and attaching them to invitations, announcements, etc.
    • Melting wax to seal envelopes
    • Gift wrapping
    • Poly bagging T-shirts
    • Affixing magnets to brochures
    • and much more

    ROI works for businesses and organizations that benefit from and use hands-on, high quality finishing services

    We don’t make promises lightly but we can promise high quality packaging, assembling, and mailing services. For us its old hat. We have been serving Washington Metropolitan Area printers, associations, electronic companies, manufacturers, rating agencies and advertising agencies since 1964. Whether it’s routine collating and packaging, projects that require detail cleaning or hand assembly and hand inserting tasks, we handle your project with care.

    Many of our clientele come to us because their project needs a special touch. It may be hand stamping direct mail packages with HANDLE WITH CARE to make them stand out. Or, it may be stuffing hundreds of promotional T-shirts into see-through lunch boxes, like we did for a local specialty company.

    We have the tools and ability to give you unlimited creativity. Do you need labels hand glued to a box of Cracker Jacks for a special promotion? We did it by the thousands for a D.C. area bank. Do you need to have tiny tags tied to a shirt button? We did it, 3,000 tags in all for a clothing store. Do you need double-stick tape attached to 3-D sunglasses for a standout mailing? We stuck to the job for an advertising agency and taped 167,000 pairs.

    Routine projects for us are—well—routine. An average day finds us collating thousands of portfolios for a mailing, or assembling the contents of notebooks for conferences drawing hundreds, even thousands of people.

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